Vietnamese shrimp hearing at WTO closes
17/12/2010 12:11:00

VGP - The World Trade Organization (WTO) panel on December 15 in Switzerland wrapped up its second hearing on Việt Nam-filed lawsuit against the US imposition of anti-dumping measures on its frozen prawns and shrimps. Since joining the WTO in January 2007, this is the first time Việt Nam has filed a trade lawsuit against another WTO member.

During the two-day hearing, the two sides continued to present their documents and arguments.

Those of Việt Nam focused on protesting the US for using a method known as “zero-ing” on the Vietnamese product.

The method the US uses in anti-dumping lawsuits has widened the anti-dumping margins and duties levels imposed on the product, causing damage to Vietnamese exporters.

Việt Nam also pointed to the US’s application of the so-called “Việt Nam wide rate” in administrative periodic reviews on the country’s shrimp as against the spirit and wording of both the Antidumping Agreement and Việt Nam’s Protocol of Accession to the WTO.

According to Deputy Head of the Vietnamese Delegation to the UN, WTO and other International Organizations in Geneva, Minister Counselor Trần Thu Hằng, the WTO panel will make public its final report and conclusion on the case in April 2011. The panel will send its reports on the lawsuit to both the Vietnamese and US sides in January and February 2011.

By Ngọc Vân