AMM 18's concluding session yields positive outcome
16/11/2006 17:45:00
VNGOVNet - Today, the 18th APEC Ministerial Meeting (AMM 18) held a plenary session to wrap up its 2-day sitting. The session ended with positive outcomes, showing the goodwill and tireless work spirit of ministers.

At the meeting, the ministers reiterated their support for the WTO multilateral negotiations and the Doha Development Agenda (DDA) as the APEC's top priority. They agreed the draft of a stand-alone statement on DDA for consideration by their leaders at the 14th APEC Leaders' Meeting. The presence of WTO Director General Pascal Lamy at the session proved the significance of resumed Doha talks.

Photo: VNGOVNet

The session unanimously endorsed model measures for regional and bilateral free trade agreements submitted by senior officials in the five areas: trade in goods, technical barriers to trade, transparency, Government procurement and cooperation.

The ministers also discussed the idea of building a Free Trade Area Asia-Pacific (FTAAP) as a long-term prospect and agreed to instruct senior officials to consider this matter.

In the optimistic atmosphere over the achievements gained, the meeting gave great appreciation for and approved Vietnam's initiative on the Hanoi Action Plan - a big APEC step towards implementation of the Busan Roadmap. They considered the action plan an important vehicle to push for effective realization of the Bogor goals of free and open trade and investment.

The Ministers stressed the importance of the business community and stated their support for business interests in APEC activities.

The meeting endorsed the list of counter-terrorism deliverables submitted by senior officials and reiterated APEC’s determination to fight terrorism to achieve peace, stability and a secure business environment in the region and the world.

The meeting devoted much of its time to discuss APEC reform in order to make APEC more effective and dynamic, agreeing to increase the Secretariat's cooperation and enhance the APEC's horizontal cohesion, considering this an important achievement in increasing the forum’s relevance, practicality and effectiveness.

In the press conference chaired by Deputy PM and Minister of Foreign Affairs Phạm Gia Khiêm and Trade Minister Trương Đình Tuyển after the conclusion of the 18th AMM, the Deputy PM happily informed that the meeting ended in success. He said that the enthusiastic, serious and intellectual engagement of the ministers and the strenuous efforts made by senior officials have breathed a new life into the APEC Week.

By Quang Vinh