Logistic work satisfies requirements of APEC Vietnam 2006
30/11/2006 09:23:00
VNGOVNet – In the morning of November 29, in Hanoi, a meeting was held to review the performance of the Supply and Logistics Subcommittee, Donation Raising Board and Car Service Board serving the APEC Vietnam 2006.

Mr. Vũ Khoan, Commander-in-Chief of APEC Leaders’ Week activities delivers speech at the meeting – Photo: VNGOVNet

Reporting at the Meeting, Mr. Vũ Việt Hảo, Head of the Managerial and Financial Section of the Government Office, Deputy Chief of the Supply-Logistics Subcommittee of APEC Vietnam 2006, revealed that his Subcommittee ran over 1,000 automobiles timely, safely, incident-free and accident-free for 3 million km. The Subcommittee provided good accommodation for over 10,000 delegates from top leaders of the 21 economies; CEOs of the world’s leading groups; senior officials to over 2,000 domestic and foreign reporters. Information and telecommunication systems operated smoothly. All telecom devices, computers, fax machines and high-speed Internet facilities stood available round the clock. Health care, hygiene and food safety were ensured. The Donation Raising Board attracted from 40 big domestic and foreign enterprises over VND80 billion for various activities before and during the APEC Leaders’ Meeting.

Addressing the Meeting, Mr. Vũ Khoan, PM’s Special Envoy and Commander-in-Chief of activities during the APEC Leaders’ Week 2006, hailed the active, wholehearted, intelligent and creative performance of the Supply-Logistics Subcommittee and all units and individuals taking part in the event. He affirmed that the supply and logistic work for APEC Vietnam 2006 met the requirements of high esteem, thoroughness, thrift, and hospitality. He reminded the Subcommittee to commend for reward all individuals who had made great contributions to the country’s important event./.

By Xuân Hồng