APEC CEO Summit 2006 gains consensus on development goals
19/11/2006 07:31:00
VNGOVNet – On November 18, at the Hanoi National Convention Center, APEC CEO Summit 2006 wrapped up in consensus on the desire of speeding up development process and narrowing the gap among APEC economies.

For the first time, in a friendly and open atmosphere, APEC CEO Summit gathered an ever largest number of the world’s leading groups and businesses in the meeting with leaders of the APEC member economies to discuss the future development.


After two working days with numerous addresses by politicians, heads of economic groups, officials and commentators, CEO Summit gain consensus on the theme “Towards One Community: Creating New Opportunities for Shared Development”. The delegates also expressed their agreement on the issues of common interest: enhancing support to small and medium enterprises; promoting the development of information technology; guaranteeing security and facilitating trade. At the meeting, US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice asserted that, to advance to “one community”, the best way is to liberalize trade and extend cooperation in various fields. She expressed her hope that the US Congress would grant the PNTR status to Vietnam soon to further promote the Vietnam-US cooperation, contributing to the APEC’s development.

By Xuân Hồng – Vân Anh