Post-WTO technical supports to some commercial services
20/02/2008 18:26:00
VNGOP – One of the goals of the Project "Post-WTO technical supports" (stage 1) just approved by the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MIT) is to assess the actual situations and propose solutions in the initial phase of realizing WTO commitments for some services, such as distribution and transfer of commercial rights and agents; commodity survey; and logistics.
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The project will help the MIT fulfill its assignments as the central body in supervising and reviewing the implementation of the Government’s Program of Action after Việt Nam’s admission to WTO.
Under the project, researches will be conducted in ten topic groups: Agriculture; Technical barriers to trade; Intellectual property; Communications strategies; Services; Legal documents; Industrial policies; Financial services and investment; Institutional reforms; and Actual non-market economy.
Besides, the Project will provide some measures to improve competitiveness of distribution service and reports on some other services.
The project is scheduled to be realized in 2008.
By Hoàng Phương