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Socio-Economic Infor 2012

Socio - economic information, January 2012
02/06/2012 15:01:00

Agriculture, forestry & fishery


The focus of agricultural production over the country in January was to cultivate spring rice and winter crops. As of January 15th 2012, the country had 1,856,800 ha of spring rice cultivated, equaling 95.3% from the same period last year.

Also as of this period, provinces over the country cultivated 212,000 ha of maize, equaling 97.6%; 53,800 ha of sweet potato, equaling 77.3%; 92,000 ha of soybean, equaling 96.1%; and 259,000 ha of vegetables, equaling 102.1% from last year’s same period.


In January, dispersed planted trees were 559,600, up 0.2%; wood production was 336,000 m3, up 12%; firewood production was 2,457,000 m3, up 3.2% from the same period in 2011.


January’s fishing production was estimated reaching364,200 tons, up 2.2% from the same period last year, of which there were 276,000 tons of fish, up 2.1%; 32,400 tons of shrimp, up 4.9%. January’s aquaculture production was estimated to reach 172,000 tons, up 6.5% from last year‘s same period, of which there were 129,000 tons of fish, up 6.6% and 23,000 tons of shrimp, up 7%.

January’s catching production was estimated reaching192,200 tons, down 1.4% % from last year‘s same period, of which there were 147,000 tons of fish, down 1.6% and 8,800 tons of shrimp, equaling to that in the same period in 2011.


Industrial Production Index (IPI) in 01/2012 decreased by 12.9% from the previous month and by 2.4% from the same period in 2011, of which the mining and quarrying rose 0.5%; the manufacturing reduced 4.2%; the power, gas water rose 1.2%. The stock index as of 01/01/2012 for the whole manufacturing sector rose 19.3% from last year’ same period.


January’s realized investment capital from the state budget was estimated to reach 11.245 trillion dong, equaling 6.6% of the yearly plan and slowing down 1.7% from the same period in 2011. Of which, capital under central management was 2.355 trillion dong, equaling 4.6% and rising 0.1%; capital under local management was 8.890 trillion dong, equaling 7.4% and slowing down 2.2% respectively. 

January’s attracted FDI reached 37.3 million USD, equaling2.5% from last year’s same period. Of which, the registered capital of 25 newly licensed projects was29.5 million USD, equaling 33.8% of the number of licensed projects and 2.4% of the registered capital against the same period in 2011; additional registered capital of5 times of projects licensed from previous years was7.8 million USD. The realized FDI in January was estimated reaching 400 million USD, slowed down 4.8% from the same period in 2011.

In January 2012, FDI in the manufacturing sector reached 27.1 million USD registered capital, of which 26.8 million USD were from 14 newly licensed projects and 0.3 million USD were additional capital; the construction received8.4 million USD, of which 1.4 million USD were newly registered capital and 7 million USD were additional capital. 12provinces/cities over the country had newly licensed FDI projects from 11 foreign countries in January of this year.

Trade, prices & services

Total retailed sales of consumer goods and services

January’s total retailed sales of consumer goods and services were estimated to reach 191.1 trillion dong, up 22% from last year’s same period. If the factor of price rise were excluded, it would rise 4%, lower than the rate 8.7% of last year’s Lunar New Year (Tet) month as the economy in 2011 met many difficulties. Of the total retailed sales, the trade business gained 149.6 trillion dong, accounted for 78.3% and rose 21.2% from last year’s same period; the hotel and restaurant reached 22 trillion dong, accounted for 11.5% and up 33.3%; the service 18.1 trillion dong, accounted for 9.5% and up 16.9%; the tourist 1.4 trillion dong, accounted for 0.7% and up 11.1%.


As estimated, January’s total export turnovers reached 6.5 billion USD, reduced 28.5% from the previous month, of which the domestic economic sector gained 2.3 billion USD, down 39.4%; and the FDI sector (including crude oil) gained 4.2 billion USD, down 20.8%. As compared with the same period in 2011, the export turnovers in January of this year slowed down 11.1%, of which the domestic economic sector reduced 32.6%; the FDI sector (including crude oil) rose 7.2%. 

As estimated, January’s total import turnovers reached 6.6 billion USD, reduced 29.5% from the previous month and 18.7% from last year’s same period. The domestic economic sector gained 3.1 billion USD, down 35.3%; the FDI sector gained 3.5 billionUSD, up 5.2% from last year’s same period.

January’s trade deficits were estimated to reach 100 million USD, equaling 1.5% of total export turnovers.

Consumer price indexes (CPI)

January’s CPI rose 1% from December, of which groups of goods and services with higher pace than the general were textile, hats, footgear up 1.97%; housing and construction material up 1.71%; drinks and tobacco up 1.17%. Catering and related services rose 1.01% (grain food slowed down 0.14%; foodstuff rose 1.41%). Other groups that had lower or decreased pace were family appliances up 0.96%; culture, entertainment and tourism up 0.93%; transport up 0.66%; medicines and health care up 0.25%; education up 0.02%; postal and communication service down 0.01%. January’s CPI rose 17.27% from 2011’s same period.

January’s gold price indexes reduced 3.62% from December; and rose 19.66% from 2011’s same period. January’s USD price indexes rose 0.05% from December and 2.62% from 2011’s same period.

Carriage of passengers and cargos

As estimated, passenger carriage in January reached 263.4 million participants, up 14.7% and 11.3 billion passengers-kilometers, up 12% from 2011’s same period. Of which central transport gained 3.6 million participants, up 10.1% and 2.7 billion passengers-kilometers, up 8.2%; local transport reached 259.8 million participants, up 15.2% and 8.5 billion passengers-kilometers, up 12.7%. Land transport gained 244.2 million participants, up 15.3% and 8.3 billion passengers-kilometers, up 12.8%; river: 16.6 million participants, up 7.7% and 349.5 million passengers-kilometers, up 13.7%; airway: 1.3 million participants, up 10.3% and 2.3 billion passengers-kilometers, up 10.9%; sea: 0.5 million participants, up 2.1% and 29.8 million passengers-kilometers, up 3%; rail: 0.9 million participants, up 0.8% and 261.6 million passengers-kilometers, down 3.3%.

As estimated, January’s cargo transport reached 72.3 million tons, up 10.7% and 18 billion tons-kilometers up 4.1% from last year’s same period, of which the domestic transport gained 68.5 million tons, up 11.6% and 4.6 billion tons-kilometers up 9.8%; the overseas transport reached 3.8 million tons, up 4.1% and 13.5 billion tons-kilometers up 3%. Land transport gained 56.6 million tons, up 13.2% and 3 billion tons-kilometers up 11.5%; river: 10.6 million tons, up 3.1% and 1.2 billion tons-kilometers up 1.5%; sea: 4.6 million tons up 1% and 13.6 billion tons-kilometers up 3%; rail: 0.5 million tons down 16.4% and 286.4 million tons-kilometers down 13.8%.

Postal and communicational services

January’s new telephone subscribers were estimated to reach 832,200, up 15.4% from the same period in 2011, including 2,200 desk telephone subscribers, down 88% and 830,000 mobile phone subscribers, up 18.1%. The number of telephone subscribers over the country as end of January 2012 was estimated reaching 134 million, up 3.9% against last year’s same period, including 15.5 million desk telephone subscribers, about to that in 2011’s same period and 118.5 million mobile phone subscribers, up 4.5%.

The number of broad band internet subscribers as of end of January 2012 was estimated reaching 4.3 million, up 18.7% from last year’s same period. The number of internet users as of end of January 2012 was estimated reaching 33.4 million, up 22.6% from last year’s same period.January’s total postal and communicational service net income was estimated reaching 11.1 trillion dong, up 23% from last year’s same period.

International visitors to Viet Nam

International visitors to Viet Nam in January 2012 were at an estimation of 630,000, up 24.8% from last year’s same period. Of which,visitors coming for tourist purposes were 365,000, up 21.6%; for business purposes 110,000, up 61.9%; for visiting relatives 120,000, up 15.3%; and for other purposes 35,000, up 7.5%.

Social issues

Situation of welcoming the Traditional Lunar New Year (Tet) of Dragon

According to preliminary reports from localities, about 5.6 million portions of gifts with nearly 1.8 trillion dong overall worth have been offered to policy-supported families and persons during this occasion: 3.3 million portions of gifts with over 1 trillion dong worth for deserving well of the country and policy-supported families; 2.3 million portions of gifts equaling 0.7 trillion dong of social aids for invalid and poor persons.

Farmers’ hunger

In January 2012, the country had 66,300 hunger households, up 5.9% from last year’s same period, corresponding with269,600 hunger persons, up 7.5% from last year’s same period. To overcome the problem, all administrative levels have provided them with over 10,000 tons of food and 22.4 billion dong.

Epidemic diseases and food poisoning

In January, the country had 1,900 cases of hemorrhagic fever; 4 cases of meningococcal disease; 5 cases of viral encephalitis; 5 cases of typhoid and 2,200 cases of foot, hand and mouth disease, of which 1 died.

More 1,500 cases found infected with HIV in the month. Total number of HIV-infected persons from the first found case to January 2012 were 250,100, of which 101,400 persons turned to AIDS and 52,200 died of AIDS.

Traffic accidents

According to preliminary report, during Tet holidays (22nd-27th January 2012), the country had 284 cases of traffic accidents, killing 234 persons and injuring 257 others. As compared to the same period last year, cases of traffic accident decreased by 25.3%, the death by 22.6% and the injured by 33.1%. On average, each day in this occasion, the country had 47 cases of traffic accidents, killing 39 persons and injuring 43 others.

Natural calamity

Lasting cold weather in the North caused damage to over 7,000 ha of rice and vegetables. Additionally, floodtide in some provinces made 250 meters of dykes broken down; over 5 kilometers of embankment broken and nearly 150 houses flooded./.

General Statistics Office, Ministry of Planning and Investment

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