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The Government’s regular meeting No 89//NQ-CP of Government : The Government’s regular meeting – November 2014



No.  89/NQ - CP


Independence - Freedom - Happiness


                                             Ha Noi, December 5 , 2014


The Government’s regular meeting – November 2014


Pursuant to the Law on Organization of the Government dated December 25, 2001;

Pursuant to the Government’s Decree 08/2012/ND-CP, dated February 16, 2012 promulgating the Working regulation of the Government;

Based on the discussions among the Cabinet members and the conclusion of the Prime Minister at the Government’s regular meeting held on December 1, 2014.


1. Regarding the socio-economic performance in November and in the past 11 months of 2014; the implementation of Resolution No. 01/NQ-CP, dated January 2, 2014 on key tasks and solutions guiding the realization of the socio-economic development plan and State budget estimate in 2014.

The Government agreed that the socio-economic situation in November and 11 months continued gaining positive outcomes. The macro-economy was more stable, the inflation was put under control, and the consumer price index (CPI) increased slowly. Credit growth continued to be improved; foreign exchange rate and the foreign currency market were stable. Exports maintained high growth pace with domestic enterprises recording higher growth rate than the same period of last year. Industrial production, especially of the processing and manufacturing industries, surged. Agricultural production was good. International tourists to Viet Nam were on the rise. Total retail sales of goods and services augmented sharply. Disbursement of ODA, soft loans and FDI picked up soundly.

State budget revenue basically reached the preset target. Business and production activities saw positive signs. Many cases relating to smuggling, commercial fraud, and  drug trafficking have been brought to light. Due attention has been given to the issues of labor, employment, health care, sports, and culture. Social welfare was guaranteed. Administrative reform was strengthened. National defence, security, and social order and safety were maintained. Positive achievements were recorded in diplomatic activities.

However, there remained a number of difficulties: smuggling, counterfeit goods, and commercial fraud occurred widely, causing difficulty to business and production activities and exerting negative impact on the market; residents in remote, ethnic minority and disaster-affected areas faced many difficulties in life; social evils, crime, fires and explosions, forest fires and destruction happened in a complicated manner. On the other hand, global and regional economic uncertainties and a plunge in the price of crude oil in the world market, which is forecast to continue decreasing until the end of 2015, will affect the country’s economic development.

In order to realize the socio-economic development plan for 2014 with the highest results as the premise for realizing the plans of 2015, the Government required ministries, agencies and localities to strive for the realization of the overall tasks and solutions enshrined in Resolution No. 01/NQ-CP dated January 2, 2014 and other Resolutions adopted at the Cabinet’s monthly meetings, quickly realizing the Resolution adopted at the 8th session of the 13th National Assembly,  in relation to the plan of socio-economic development and state budget estimation made for the year 2015, focusing on the following tasks:

- The State Bank shall continue to regulate the monetary policy in a flexible manner in accordance with the macro balances of the national evonomy; study and continue to decrease interest rates for the medium and long term loans in order to create favourable conditions for the enterprises to access the capital needed; ensure foreign currency reserves to timely meet the demand at the end of the year; quickly study and submit to the Government a draft Decree on amendments and supplements to Decree No. 53/2013/ND-CP, dated May 18, 2013 pertaining to the reform of the financial mechanism and the enhancement of  capacity for VAMC; resolutely restructure  the banking system as regulated by law, in a open and transparent manner.

- The Ministry of Planning and Investment shall speed up the implementation and disbursement of investment capital allocated for development in 2014, accelerate the disbursement of ODA capital, preferential loans and FDI capital, striving to complete the plan of investment capital sourced from the State budget and Government bonds for development as preset; strengthen the effective implementation of solutions to mobilize all resources, encourages social investment in increasing aggregate demand for the economy; evaluate the implementation results of the National target programs, the target programs for the  2011 – 2015 period and propose the target programs for 2016 – 2020 and report to the Prime Minister.

- The Ministry of Finance shall focus on State budget collection, striving for higher revenue compared to the estimated volume set for 2014; at the same time, research and prepare plans to ensure tax collection sources will help balance the state budget in 2015 in case of further decrease in crude oil price; synchronously implement measures against tax revenue losses; strictly handle and publicize acts of tax evasion, fraud and appropriation; perform strict management, minimize the additional allocation of the state budget arising out of estimates; publicize the use of the state budget for overseas business trips of ministries, agencies, localities; enhance  directions to the management of price, tax, and fees, especially goods and services essential for the coming Lunar New Year festival; cooperate actively in preventing and fighting smuggling, trade fraud, counterfeit and sub-standard products.

- The Ministry of Trade and Industry shall speed up the increase of productivity and quality of products having high added value and high export turnover; ensure the supply-demand balance of goods, especially essential goods for the year-end consumption, avoid the scarcity of goods and sudden price hikes; enhance the inspection of quality, documents, and origin of goods; instruct the market management units to strictly handle acts of trading counterfiet and smuggled commodities and goods with unclear origin; actively implement domestic market development programs; study and adjust crude oil exploitation plans in order to ensure the economic effectiveness amid the crude oil price fall; take prime responsibility and coordinate with the Ministry of Finance in preparing plans to adjust the electricity and gas prices and report to the Prime Minister in December of 2014.

- The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development shall take prime responsibility and coodinate with other ministries, agencies and localities in proactively deploying measures against flood and storms in order to mitigate damages caused by natural disasters; speed up inspection of the prevention of and fight against diseases on livestock and poultry; be responsible for and coodinate with other ministries, agencies and localities in preparing the Government’s draft Decree on foreign investment encouragement in the agriculture and rural areas.

The Ministry shall take prime responsibility and coordinate with other ministries, agencies and localities in forwarding the establishment of a Steering Committee to implement the agricultural restructuring Plan; review and accelerate the implementation of the forestry restructuring guidelines in combination with poverty reduction in ethnic and mountainous areas.

- The Ministry of Transport shall continue to  implement synchronously and drastically measures to develop transport infrastructure, speed up the tempo of major transport works and projects; work with the Ministry of Public Security and localities to ensure traffic safety, especially on the occasion of the upcoming Lunar New Year festival; deploy measures to make sure that transport means can satisfy people’s travel demands during the Lunar New Year festival; launch a movement against the transportation of prohibited and smuggled goods.

- The Ministry of Labor – Invalids and Social Affairs shall take prime responsibility and coordinate with other ministries, agencies and localities in implementing policies on labor, employment, social security and social welfare, especially those designed for people with meritorious services to the country's revolution and their relatives; continue to deploy the settlement of backlog documents for contributors to the country’s revolution; enhance specialized instructions and inspections in order to stringently deal with violations of the law relevant to contributors to the country's revolution.

- The Ministry of Health shall strenthen preventive medicine; focuse on implementing solutions to reduce overload in central hospitals; coodinate with other ministries, agencies and localities to step up inspections of food safety and hygiene at processing and production facilities, especially before and during the Lunar New Year Festival.

- The Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism shall make specific plans and solutions to the management of cultural activities and services, and festivals; honor good traditional ethical and cultural values of the nation; enhance tourism promotion activities; ensure security and social order, environmental hygiene, civilized lifestyle at festivals and tourism areas.

- The Ministry of Home Affairs and other ministries, agencies, localities shall strictly implement the Government's policy of not increasing the public workforce in 2015 (except for  new school or hospital which was established under the competent authority's decision  and was unable to balance its staff, the Ministry of Home Affairs shall chair and coordinate with the Ministry of Education and Training, and the Ministry of Health to verify and submit the case to the Prime Minister for consideration); the number of  the newly recruited shall not exceed 50% of the number of retired and streamlined staff, the remaining 50% will be deducted into the official staff quota as assigned by the competent authority in 2015. The Ministry shall take the initiative in coordinating with other ministries, agencies, localities to supervise and speed up the building of a Project to determine job positions, titles and standards applied for State officials in accordance with their sectors, and occupation titles and standards so that they could be introduced at the same time in a unified manner; promptly ask provinces and the centrally-run cities to examine prepared documents pertaining to the granting of the State title of "The Vietnamese Heroic Mother",  summarize it  and submit to the Prime Minister in December 2014.

- The Ministry of Public Security shall drastically crack down on crime; prevent and control drug; timely detect, fight, and prevent activities causing social disorder and insecurity; strengthen inspection of the fighting and prevention of fires and explosions,  especially at large cities and crowded residential areas; coordinate with localities in popularizing, educating, and improving the sense of traffic law observation of residents, comprehensively implement solutions to ensure traffic safety, resolutely reduce traffic accidents; concentrate on investigating and handling rings involving smuggling, counterfeit goods production, and speculation.

- The Ministry of Information and Communications shall guide the press agencies to cover the Party's policies and guidance of the Party, legal policies of the State, and directions and management of the Government, and the Prime Minister in a timely and accurate manner. The Ministries, agencies, localities shall actively provide timely and full information and explanations on issues that caught public concerns in order to create social consensus.

- Ministries, agencies, and localities shall promptly build major measures to realize their socio-economic development plans and state budget estimates for 2015; complete the report of the 5-year socio-economic development plan (2016-2020); develop a medium-term public investment plan (2016-2020).

- The Ministers and heads of ministerial-level agencies shall focus on directing the implementation of the Resolutions adopted at the 8th session of the 13th National Assembly; settle voters' petitions, seriously implement their commitments before the National Assembly; focus on directing the building of legal documents detailing the implementation of laws and ordinances adopted by the National Assembly with regard to their timing, quality and feasibility.

- The Ministries, agencies, and localities shall direct the comprehensive and effective implementation of administrative reforms to create the most favorable conditions for  people and enterprises; and at the same time correct strictly those staffers who have taken advantage of their job positions to trouble  people and enterprises; practize thrift and minimize overseas business trips covered by the State budget; fight against wastefullness,  smuggling, and trade fraud; promptly propose a list of basic data related to the residents under their management scope and submit it to the Ministry of Planning and Investment in service of the  building of a population database of the Government.

2. On a swap of weekly days off during public holidays and Lunar New Year (Tet) vacation 2015 for the State apparatus's staff

The Government has agreed with the proposal made by the Ministry of Labor-Invalids and Social Affairs on a swap of weakly days off during the public holidays, and Tet vacation in 2015 applicable to the State apparatus's staff as follows:

- Tet holiday under the solar calendar has 4 days off commencing from January 1- 4, 2015; the State apparatus shall have to work on Saturday, December 27, 2014 to make up for the extra day off.

- Tet holiday under the lunar calendar lasts 9 days commencing from February 15-23, 2015 (from December, 27, 2014 – January 5, 2015 under the lunar calendar); the State apparatus shall have to work on Saturday, February 14, 2015 to make up for the extra day off.

- The National Death Anniversary of the Hung Kings, Victory Day (30/4) and International Labor Day (1/5): 6 days off commencing from April 28- May 3, 2015; the State apparatus shall have to work on Saturday, April 25, 2015 to make up for the extra day off.

The agencies and units that follow the holiday timetable shall arrange staffs on duty in these days off to maintain their work and better serve people and organizations; work on the days that make up for the extra days off seriously and effectively.

The agencies and units that do not take Saturdays and Sundays as permanent weekly days off, shall schedule the days off timetable in line with law and their plans.

The Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs shall inform in detail the plan on days off and compensated working days during public holidays and Tet holiday in 2015 for State staffs; inform it widely on the mass media.

3. Regarding the Government's draft Resolution on strengthening instructions to the drug prevention, control and detoxication in the new situation.

The Government has agreed to adopt the draft Resolution and assigned the Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs to take prime responsibility and coordinate with the Office of the Government, the Ministry of Justice to collect comments from the Cabinet members, agencies, and  localities concerned in order to finalize the Resolution and submit it to the Prime Minister for issuance in December 2014.

4. For orientations to design the Law on issuing administrative decisions

The bill on issuing administrative decisions is very important and complicated and deals with the relations between State agencies and citizens in the law enforcement in the areas of State management. Studying and drafting this bill should grasp thoroughly the following points: Fully institutionalize the viewpoints, guidelines and policies of the Party and the 2013 Constitution on building the law-governed socialist state of Viet Nam, respect and protect human rights and fundamental rights of citizens; create a mechanism to control the promulgation of administrative decisions to make sure that administrative decisions are the constitutional, legal, rational, and feasible; enhance the transparency and accountability of State agencies in the promulgation and implementation of administrative decisions.

The composition of this bill shall aim to establish a common legal framework and unite required steps and procedures to ensure the clarity and transparency of the operation of the state administrative bodies and meet the  requirements of the administrative reform in the direction of building a pure, effective, efficient, and professional administration; ensure fairness and openness and contribute to creating a healthy regulatory environment, and promoting the country's socio-economic development and international integration.

The Ministry of Justice shall, in coordination with the Office of the Government and relevant agencies, collect comments from the Cabinet members, then study and draft the bill with ensured quality, feasibility and schedule.

5. Regarding the revision of the Law on Statistics

The Government basically agreed with the contents of the revised bill submitted by the Ministry of Planning and Investment. Accordingly, the General Statistics Office shall make decision and be responsible for introducing the national statistical indicators system and statistics of the country to enhance the independence and accountability of the statistical agency, ensuring the statistical norms and figures are highly accurate, realistic and consistent with international practice, effectively serving the Government's performance.

The Ministry of Planning and Investment shall, in collaboration with the Ministry of Justice, the Office of the Government, and relevant agencies, collect comments from the Cabinet members, edit and finalize the bill, and report to the Prime Minister for making decision before submitting to the National Assembly.

6. Regarding the draft Decree  by the Government detailing and guiding the implementation of some articles of the Law on Notarization.

The Government agreed on the contents of the draft submitted by the Ministry of Justice,  while noting that the conversion of the Public Notary Desk into Notary Office must ensure the rights and legitimate interests of those who are working in the Public Notary Desk and in accordance with the practical conditions of each locality.

The establishment of the Viet Nam Notarization Association should comply with the principles of autonomy, self-responsibility in terms of facilities and permanent workforce.

The Ministry of Public Security shall take prime responsibility and coordinate with the Office of the Government, and relevant agencies, to collect comments from the Cabinet members, then finalize the draft and submit it to the Prime Minister to sign and issue./.



Nguyen Tan Dung

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